Names of men and women. Letter T

Names of men and women. Letter T

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Choose the name that begins withletter T for your baby. Some parents are clear on this, but others have not made up their minds yet. can I help you? Well, here we have many proper names of people that begin with T, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings sometimes vary according to the sources and interpretations.

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TADEOHebrewPrayer of thanks
TAMARAHebrewPalm tree
TANIARussianIt comes from Tacio, King of the Sabines
THEOBALDGermanoPrince of the people
THEODORUSGreekgift of God
THEODORICGermanoTown rule
THEODOSIUMGreekDivinely given
TheophilusGreekLover of god
TERESAGreekThat wears ears of wheat
TIRSOLatinVine branch
TIMOTHYGreekThat honors God
TOBIASHebrewThe lord is good
THOMASHebrewTwin, twin
TRINITYLatinThree in one
TRISTANScottishPact, consolation
TRIANALatinTriana neighborhood, Seville
THAISLatinBeautiful for many years

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