Children's stories and books about the human body

Children's stories and books about the human body

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1. My first body album
Various Authors
With this small album of photos of the body, the friendly and curious mouse Roe Roe shows us the different parts of the body, the different organs, the first notions of hygiene, and many more things related to the human body. The photographs show children from all over the world who will accompany the little ones in their learning of the first words and concepts about the body.

2. The human body. Children's Dictionary

Various Authors
A book for the most curious minds, who want to know how their body works. How every part of the human body works is fascinating. So that you have no doubt and you understand everything the first time, this book puts at your fingertips everything you need to satisfy your curiosity, from key scientific facts, surprising anecdotes and fun activities that will put you to the test. All this accompanied by illustrations and accurate photographs.

3. The human body
Pascale Hedelin
A book with flaps, wheels, tabs and tabs for the child to learn how the human body works in a simple and visual way.
This book summarizes with great simplicity what the human body is like. It is, without a doubt, a magnificent first manual, fun, full of tabs, windows and surprises with which to learn where we come from, what our bones are like, what happens to what we eat, what are the senses ... and many more things. Very entertaining and educational, as well as appropriate in the narration and representation of all the issues it addresses. To check it, you just have to open it and you will see ... quite a find!

4. My larousse atlas of the human body
Various Authors
An illustrated book with a format very suitable for children, raised in the form of double pages with drawings of the parts of the human body. The illustrations contain small doses of humor, which makes them very funny for the little ones while attracting the attention of the elderly due to their irony.

The Atlas is organized according to the parts of the human body that are involved in each of the different functions: eating, communicating, sleeping, breathing ...) Some pages are fold-down and the book offers a giant poster with the various systems of the human body: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc.)

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