Mother who uses perfume can give birth to an infertile baby

Mother who uses perfume can give birth to an infertile baby

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If you are planning to get pregnant better to avoid the use of cosmetic products on the skin. According to research carried out at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, perfumes, as well as scented creams, can be absorbed by the body, and increase the risk that the male baby will develop reproductive problems such as testicular cancer and infertility, throughout your life.

The use of perfume between weeks eight and twelve of gestation, when future reproductive problems are determined, increases the risk that the future male baby will develop infertility as an adult, since during that period, exposure to chemical substances found in cosmetics, they could affect sperm production.

During research, carried out in rats, the scientists blocked the action of androgens, which include male sex hormones such as testosterone. The results confirmed that with the hormones blocked, the rats had fertility problems. Some of the chemical substances used to block hormones are used not only in the production of cosmetics, but also in textiles and plastics for the home, so it also requires better care with the handling of these products. I think that one thing is perfumes, cosmetics in general, but home textiles and plastics, it seems to me something more uncontrollable, I say.

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