The video of a mother giving birth alone at home

The video of a mother giving birth alone at home

When the time of delivery is near, all pregnant women are approached by absolutely normal feelings of fear. It is one of the most important experiences of our life and, therefore, we should not experience it alone, but despite the anxiety it produces, women will undoubtedly know how to face this moment, making use of our intuition and the signs of our body.

Although having a home birth is usually something extraordinary today and, when it occurs, it is usually by choice and with the assistance and supervision of a midwife or professional, the woman continues to be gifted, from all history, to have their children following natural dictates. When labor occurs, there is no one to stop it and there is no way to escape, so it would be better for us to show confidence in our physical and emotional strength so that we are really the protagonists of the exciting experience of bringing our child into the world . We will feel approached by possible fears and concerns, but we should never feel overwhelmed.Our response to childbirth has to be absent of all anguish and anxiety, if not that they tell it to the brave mother who stars in this video (she herself is the one who record). Her son really wanted to meet her and she knows how to listen and live with serenity this special moment for both of them. It is a really beautiful video, without a single word we have clear evidence of the brave, serene, protective and loving attitude that she can feel a mother from the beginning of her career. I hope you enjoy it, it is beautiful!Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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