Children and fear. Roberto Pavanello, author of 'Bat Pat'.

Children and fear. Roberto Pavanello, author of 'Bat Pat'.

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The chilling adventures of Bat pat they attract children from all over the world. In Spain alone, this series, starring a friendly bat, detective and writer, has already sold more than 350 thousand copies. had the opportunity to interview Roberto Pavanello, the author of these mysterious adventures, especially aimed at children from 7 to 11 years old.

Especially since children are attracted to scary stories. They are scary stories but the protagonists are afraid, the bat is afraid, they are children who face things greater than them, face them and solve them. And also because I have been able to make sympathetic an animal on which there are many damages and that nevertheless in the natural world has a very important role.

I believe that fear accompanies everyone in life and especially children. The objective of Bat pat It is not scaring children but convincing children that fears must be faced and overcome. In reality, in order to achieve this, the role played by the adult is important, in the fantasy world of Bat Pat we have gone further because the children in the book are children who are braver than normal, it is a slightly enlarged figure in this sense.

The fact that a negative character can become a positive character, although the bad guy in Bat Pat always exists, however in many of the Bat Pat episodes the bad guy is ultimately redeemed because he is bad for some reason, children and Bat pat They solve the problem you have and it becomes good. This is rarely the case in life but sometimes it happens because in real life evil often precedes fear, the fear of suffering, of not being up to the task, the fear of being hurt ...

It must be said quickly that this was a very bad educational custom. If you educate yourself through fear, values ​​are not transmitted, fear is transmitted. And when you grow up and lose your fear, you have often lost your values ​​too. That is why the character of Bat Pat does not have to be scary, it has to inspire sympathy, complicity, affection, and be the model of someone who overcomes their fears.

It is an inescapable reality in life. But when I talk about fear with children who think that adults are not afraid, I always ask these children but you think that your parents are afraid of something or not, and this question always disorients them because they are used to thinking that adults are not They are afraid and when they discover and realize that the father and mother are afraid, for example of spiders, or fear that something will happen to one of the children, or the fear of losing their job, or the fear of die, they begin to think otherwise. So the educational message that must be transmitted is that we are all afraid, but we must live with that fear, and overcome it.

No, there is no magic. We must ensure that children discover very early the great pleasure that comes from listening to a story. Also look at a story, contemplate it, in still images, without movement, that give the child time to discover details, to learn them by heart, to scrutinize them as much as possible. Today we move very quickly to moving images of cartoons, which are images that go too fast. The pleasure of listening is intensely cultivated when children are young, and is later transformed into the pleasure of reading, which is basically telling the stories yourself, not needing another person to tell them to you.

It is not a decision that corresponds to me, they are editorial decisions, but I would love to, although I am very attached to the character who lives in the book. For example, Asterix has been turned into a film but the comic is still insurmountable, I would like that if it is taken to the cinema the same thing happens with Bat Pat. Time will tell.

Roberto Pavanello is characterized by writing stories with fantastic characters such as goblins and bats. But there are also many children in their stories. In almost all his books there are problems or actions to be solved. It contains many teachings and abundant words related to today. In addition, it uses a children's language, colloquial, without being generic or repetitive.

Its source point in writing is dialogue, which gives the reader a sense of humor, vitality, and dynamism.

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