Norway: the best country in the world to be a mother

Norway: the best country in the world to be a mother

Without a doubt, the day to day, as well as the role of a mother differs according to the country where the woman lives. Like every year, the NGO Save the Children publishes a report on the best and worst countries in the world to be a mother.

The differences between being a mother in Norway, the top ranked, and Afghanistan, the last this year, are huge. These differences are measured through indicators of the health, education or economic conditions of mothers and children. According to the publication's data, Norwegian women choose the time to get pregnant, usually after receiving 18 years of education and using contraception to have control over their sexual life. When giving birth, she is assisted by health personnel, and will enjoy maternity leave ranging from 46 to 56 weeks (about 1 year). It is very difficult for you to see your son die before he is five years old, and if all goes well, he will be able to live to 83.

Unlike the Norwegian mother, the Afghan mother has a high risk of dying when giving birth. In fact, one in eight women dies from complications before or after delivery. Only 14 percent of women receive health care. This woman, who has only been able to go to school for a few years and is probably not among the 16 percent of women who have access to modern contraceptives, will not live beyond 44 years.

Apart from that, this woman may have lost, during her life, at least one of her children before reaching her fifth year of life, due to some easily preventable disease. The top ten finishers, after Norway, are Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Spain is in 13th place out of 43 that make up the group of the most developed countries. His maternity leave of 16 weeks, as well as the salary differences between men and women, are his pending subjects. The United States is in 28th place, because the risk of maternal mortality and children under five years of age is among the highest in the developed world.

In the report, Save the Children stresses that the US has the least generous maternity leave policies of any rich country. However, not everything is numbers. The report highlights human despair and missed opportunities as the biggest concerns. It is a situation that requires the necessary tools to be provided to mothers everywhere to break the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life of the parents and children of future generations. Effective female education, adequate health care and nutrition are needed to begin with.

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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