Dangerous cuffs for the safety of children

Dangerous cuffs for the safety of children

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In summer, it is very normal for children, even those who are still babies, to want to spend more time in the water, in the pool or on the beach. Ensuring the safety of your children requires a lot of vigilance. The cuffs and floats are a great help, but how long do they really offer protection to their little ones?

Not all floats and cuffs offer safety and confidence to children. The Ministry of Health and Consumption withdraws 27 pairs of beach muffs because they consider them dangerous for the safety of children, because they offer a risk of drowning. These are the sleeves shaped like "Tweety", a cartoon character, and those in "Surf and Sun". Both are from the Solmar brand. The reason for their withdrawal, according to Health of the Balearic Islands explains, is that they include the CE mark that in their case is not applicable and they do not comply with the resistance to puncture or puncture test.

The inspectors of the General Directorate of Consumption continue with their surveillance campaign during the summer, reviewing all aquatic products, to check if they comply with current safety regulations. They remind consumers that in order for children to continue to enjoy the water in complete safety and confidence, it is necessary to purchase water toys and flotation aids that meet the same quality and safety standards required in other products. The product packaging must appear as the name or trademark of the registered product, the business name and address of the manufacturer, importer or seller, as well as a description of the name and description of the product, the uses for which it is intended, the characteristics, instructions and safety warnings, the specific child safety regulations, the recommended age group, the storage and maintenance conditions, apart from the fact that they must be labeled in the language that is mastered in your sales place.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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