Theater books, games and magic tricks

Theater books, games and magic tricks

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1. 100 theater games in Early Childhood Education
Various authors
100 Theater Games in Early Childhood Education proposes a program with children's activities focused on theatrical expression games to be carried out throughout the school year. Through these theater games, the child will more easily assimilate the notions of space, develop his imagination, learn to listen to himself and others, get used to working with greater rigor and method, increase his sensitivity, know how to value the work of the other, and at the same time he will dare to take the risk.

2. The Sorcerer's Apprentice's Book of Magic Tricks
Lindy burnett
Tell me a sorcerer's apprentice, are you ready to expand your magical knowledge and reveal the secrets that magicians and illusionists have accumulated since time immemorial? I am a sorcerer for over six hundred years and I am going to share with you what I have learned. With this book you will learn incredible magic tricks and fabulous optical illusions, which will convince others that you have magical powers such as witches, wizards and conjurers.

3. Theater workshop. Theater games for children and adolescents
Lindy burnett

It could not be missing in the "Workshops" collection, a practical material to play and to articulate a theatrical workshop for children.
The book offers a wealth of possibilities that can be used to organize play sessions and theater learning with children and young people.

4. How to speak so that your children will listen to you
Elaine mazlish
Stop fighting with your kids! Mothers, fathers, and professional educators have made these authors' book an indisputable success for one reason: Their techniques work. They offer robust, friendly and, above all, effective methods. They are innovative means of solving problems as common as: listening and understanding children's concerns; promote family collaboration ... without overwhelming anyone; respectfully address the feelings of young and old ...

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