Supporting mothers: a profitable investment

Supporting mothers: a profitable investment

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Why do women have the ability to transform ourselves depending on the environment or environment in which we find ourselves? As soon as we are 'the daughter of', as 'the woman of', and also of course, 'the mother of'. Thus we have all discovered ourselves at some point in our lives, adopting the important role of 'second of'.

I was already used to being told you are "the daughter of", right? Yes of course. You look so much like him! Shortly after, when I crossed the threshold of the family home in which I had played the role of daughter, I wanted so much to become a couple to pilot the helm of my home, make decisions and have a voice and vote in everything concerning my family and my friends. children, that I did not realize that I was getting into another mud. Although, on most occasions I have been the captain of my ship, I have also found the other side of the coin, the one that made me "the woman of" when I had to say who I was when talking on the phone or when picking up the store order.

But, without a doubt, what struck me the most was being "the mother of." This is how my son's friends recognized me for the first time in the nursery school playground and how I identify myself when I find myself calling the school to justify a lack of attendance. Sometimes, I don't even need to say my name, it is only necessary to explain that you are "the mother of, the wife of, or the daughter of" so that your interlocutor, on the other end of the telephone line, knows exactly who you are, what your figure represents and shows you how little importance your name has to transmit any type of message related to your family.In some countries, women even lose their maiden name when they get married and, in certain cultures, they lose even his identity. And yet, we continue to multiply our chameleon existence in everyday life as mothers, wives, workers, housewives and, by the many activities that we carry out in our society. It takes intelligence to play so many roles simultaneously, to do so many things together and, moreover, to do them well. I once heard a phrase from popular wisdom say, which seems to be taken from one of Antonio López's brushstrokes of realism in one of his paintings: When you educate a woman, you educate a family, whereas when you educate a man, you educate an individual. Congratulations to all "the daughters of, mothers of and women of", female fighters, who have struggled to change the laws, have rights and support their families. On the occasion of International Women's Day, it is important for all of us to realize that supporting women is a high-return investment.Marisol New.

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