6 things for cold and flu season

6 things for cold and flu season

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6 things for cold and flu season

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#1: Smart baby monitor

Video and night vision give you peace of mind

#2: Air purifier

Products, such as the LG Puricare™ 360º, can help to remove causes of cold and flu in the air

Improves air quality in your baby's nursery

#3: Saline spray

The spray loosens mucus so it's easier to remove

#4: Baby nasal aspirator

Parent-powered suction

Safely clears a stuffy nose

#5: Oral syringes

Give your baby liquid medicine the no-spill way

#6: Forehead thermometer

Takes your baby's temperature quickly and noninvasively

*For the most accurate reading, use a rectal thermometer

Presented by our site / LG Life's Good

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