Things to do before you're due (ep. 42)

Things to do before you're due (ep. 42)

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Hear why it's a good time to line up help, practice breathing, and spend quality time with loved ones or alone.

Prepare for labor and delivery with our online birth class. See all 51 videos in this series.

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Linda Murray: If you line up help now for those first weeks and even months at home with your newborn, you’ll be thanking yourself later. You might want to ask friends and family to drop by with food or even to do some light housekeeping. They’ll want to come visit anyway, and they’ll probably be happy to help. Many women ask for this type of post-baby assistance as a baby-shower gift. Often the steady stream of helpers in those first few weeks dries up, so try to spread it out over the first month or two. If your partner’s taking some time off, you might want to line up extra help for the first few days when that’s over and you’ll be on your own.

Remember the natural pain-management techniques, breathing, movement, and massage? If you practice these skills, they’re more likely to come easily when you need them. Practicing with your partner is key too, since he’s slightly more likely to have his wits about him when you’re in labor and need coaching. As a bonus, these techniques can also ease some of your discomfort in late pregnancy. Now’s the moment to enjoy some quality time with your partner and loved ones before your life is changed forever. Savor the lull before your big adventure. You might want to catch a movie, go for a walk, or spend a lazy morning reading books in bed. Before you know it, you’ll be caught up in the exhausting, exhilarating whirlwind of life with a new baby.

That brings us to the end of our class on preparing for labor and birth. We’ve provided loads of information for you to absorb, so feel free to review any parts of the class you want to watch again.

It’s hard not to be nervous about labor, but rest assured that childbirth in the United States is very safe. If complications arise, your caregiver will have the tools and skills to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby. We hope you found this class enlightening and helpful. From all of us at Baby Center, best wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy delivery.

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