Baby bathtubs buying guide (Before You Buy series)

Baby bathtubs buying guide (Before You Buy series)

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Bathing your baby in an adult-sized tub can be a slippery, nerve-wracking challenge without the right baby bathtub. Learn more about basic and collapsible tubs, as well as bathers and bath supports.

Featured expert Ariel Gold is based in San Francisco. She has certification as an Eco-Maternity Consultant from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute and has been working with parents at DayOne Baby since 2011.

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Hi, I'm Ariel Gold, a product expert in San Francisco. Today we're going to talk about baby bathtubs.

The bathtubs we're going to talk about are your basic bathtub, bathers, and supporters, as well as collapsible versions.

This is your basic bathtub. They're typically made of a hard plastic and usually have a contoured area inside to help support your baby at a safe angle. Many are lined with foam, but if you're noticing that your baby is slipping, you can always add a washcloth or a hand towel to help with that slippage. If you want extra cushion, you can purchase a sponge that goes inside and helps to cradle your baby at a safe angle. Any time you're looking at this basic tub you want to take into consideration how it's going to clean and how it's going to dry – such as, does it have a plug? Also, where are you going to store it, and does it store easily?

Next are examples of tubs that will grow with your baby. This, for example, has a mesh insert that's perfect for sponge-bathing a newborn. You can take it off for cleaning and also when the baby gets older and doesn't need it any longer. You'll then see how it'll grow with your child.

Next is another example of a tub that converts to different stages as your child grows. For a newborn, for a bigger baby, and then for a toddler.

Next, we're going to talk about bathers and bath supports. Some are designed to fit inside your bathroom sink. This makes it convenient for you so you don't have to bend down, and brings baby to your level. Others can go inside a shower or bathtub, while still others can fit into any sink or bathtub. Notice that all the materials are very grippy to help keep baby positioned safely, and cushioned to help to cradle the newborn's head. They also offer some sort of hook or way to hang the tub for drying and storing.

Finally, we'll talk about collapsible or folding bathtubs. These are ideal for small apartments as well as for travel.

Whenever you're picking a bathtub, you want to consider where you're going to store it, how long you're going to use it, and whether it's easy to clean. During bath time, life can happen, and if you need to answer the door or pick up your phone, make sure the baby's always with you. Scoop your baby up in a towel and bring them along.

Bath time is fun, and you should enjoy it! Make sure you stay calm, get low and close, and really enjoy this time with your baby.

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