Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: What to do when your kids beg for fast food

Kitchen tips from Tyler Florence: What to do when your kids beg for fast food

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Lindsay: Have your kids ever had chicken nuggets?

Tyler: Our kids have never had a chicken nugget. Our kids have never had a chicken nugget.

Lindsay: Wow, shoot, you got me there.

Tyler: They've never had a chicken nugget. But here's the deal. And if they have, what you need to do is just sort of do this fade-in, fade-out thing.

Because they'll get busy and they may drive by the Golden Arches or whatever and say hey, Happy Meal time, but nope we're driving …

So, you've got to think to yourself, like, I'm in charge here. Because, kids, their full-time job is to wear you down, right? It's to take the two positions of where you live in your world together, right?

I'm the parent, right, and from their birth to the point where they leave the nest, it's their job to push their boundaries and push their boundaries, right?

Especially when they're 7 years old and they've got an opinion and they know what they like and they know what they don't like. And they're also heavily influenced by advertising and the outside world.

Lindsay: Totally.

Tyler: You have to say to yourself, you know what, I am in charge. I am the parent.

Lindsay: No chicken nuggets!

Tyler: No chicken nuggets, but how about some fresh chicken? That's what I'm saying …

Lindsay: Yeah, which actually takes better.

Tyler: You could actually take, so … Take a chicken breast, you can cut it in strips and then it's a little bit of like panko breadcrumb, it's like a large, chunky Japanese breadcrumb, and it's sort of a dry wet dry thing.

So it's chicken strips …

Lindsay: Dipped?

Tyler: Yeah, so it would be in the flour, in the little bit of like egg and water kind of mixed together, and then into panko breadcrumbs, and then you put them on a sheet pan and you bake 'em off, a little bit of salt, a little bit of garlic powder, maybe? And they are killer, they're killer. And you don't have to feel bad about it, that's the thing.

Lindsay: And it took you 10 minutes, yeah.

Tyler: Well, maybe it took you 25 minutes.

But the idea of owning your children's health. You've got to own their nutritional well-being. You've got to own it.

Lindsay: And it's a huge responsibility.

Tyler: It's a big responsibility because at the end of the day, what else is real?

You know? We all kind of work, and we work to do a couple of things:

to make sure we have a roof overhead; to feed our own ego, in a sense, cause we feel like we want to be professionals; but at the end of the day, our sole responsibility is to make sure the next generation is guided to the point where they're happy adults.

That's the only thing that matters, the only thing. Everything else is just kind of filler.

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