Cooking with Lindsay: 6 kitchen tricks for busy moms

Cooking with Lindsay: 6 kitchen tricks for busy moms

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Learn shortcuts for slicing vegetables, cleaning dirty pans, storing leftovers, and more.

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Hi, I'm Lindsay Weiss from the our site Blog. As parents, our lives are so busy. Anytime you run across a tip or a trick that makes your life just a little easier, whether it's with the kids or in the kitchen, you really want to remember it. Well, we've put together six of those tips and tricks for you today. We're going to run through each one and teach you how to make your life just a little easier. Let's get started.

So our first tip is all about prepping your fruits and veggies. I have some zucchini and squash here, and I throw these on the grill a lot. Normally to do that you'd have to, even with great knife skills, run your knife through all of these, it would probably take you three or four minutes. But with this great tool called a mandoline, literally ten dollars at any home store, you can slice through all of these in a minute flat. So easy to use. I use it for almost all fruits and veggies.

We've got a great zucchini here. I'll just cut the end off of it and show you how quickly we can slice through one. Mandolines have this great, sharp, adjustable blade so you can adjust the thickness of any fruit and veggie you're slicing. And the only thing you want to be careful of is your fingers obviously. A lot of mandolines come with a great guard you can put on.

This one doesn't happen to have one so I'm just going to be careful and not go all the way to the bottom, but look how quickly we sliced a pile of veggies. You could have your whole side dish done in five minutes flat. Use a mandoline.

So this next tip is all about kids and ice cream. And if your kids are anything like mine, they love to eat ice cream out of a cone. The problem is the ice cream always drips right through the bottom of the cone and ends up right on their clothes. So a really ingenious way to prevent that is to take a few marshmallows and place them inside the cone. Make sure you push them all the way down to kind of fill up any holes down there and then scoop your ice cream just like you normally would. And you will have mess-free ice cream.

Have you ever burnt anything in a pan? I know I have and I've got a great example right here of some ooey-gooey burned sugar. Did you know there's actually a really easy way to clean these that will not have you sitting at your sink for hours trying to scrub it all off? We're actually going to return it to a boil. Watch and see what happens.

The first thing you need to do is just get some dish soap and douse your burned mess with a good helping of dish soap. And then you're going to put some more water in it, just enough to cover the burned goo.

And you're actually going to take it back to the stove. Go ahead and turn that heat up nice and high. You're going to let it come to a boil again.

Bring your pan over to a sink. Remember, this is a really hot pan. Go ahead and dump out that boiled water. And add just a touch more soap in here. Get your sponge wet. You don't want to put the water right in the pan because that'll make it sizzle.

Get your sponge nice and wet with that extra soap and you're just going to wipe out any of that last goo. You can see all the gunk is coming right off. I'll give it one more final rinse. And there we go. We have a clean pan.

So it's a rare commodity to have leftover wine, but when you do have an extra cup or even just a few sips, I like to take it and pour it into a regular ice cube tray. We did it with some white wine here but you could certainly do it with red wine. You could do it with champagne, anything. Freeze it up. When they're completely solid, you can throw these cubes into any type of sauce. A marinara, an alfredo, a soup or stew, even a pan sauce while you're searing something on the stove. These wine cubes add a little zing to almost any dish and it is kid safe because the alcohol always cooks out.

So our next tip involves an ingenious use for wine corks. I know a lot of us have small knives lying around and you certainly don't want your kids' hands near those knives. So the easiest thing we found to do is just to take an old wine cork and put it right on the tip of your knife, push it straight in, and it makes it much safer for storing in your drawer.

So this tip is all about easy and space-saving storage. I don't have a lot of freezer space to spare and I like to cook extra so that my family has meals ready to go on a dime. So I have found that a resealable plastic bag is a mom or dad's best friend when you're cooking for a lot more than just your family. All I do, we've got some leftover marinara here, some leftover beef stew, is take a freezer-size resealable plastic bag, pour whatever leftovers you have inside it and just flatten it out. Just like this and you can stack them right up on top of each other.

Make sure you remember to label what it is. I've got a great permanent marker here. Label what it is and the date, and then you can just stack, stack, stack up in your freezer. You can get ten meals worth of stuff all within, you know, an 8-inch space. Resealable bags, Mom's best friend.

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