Newborn care immediately after birth

Newborn care immediately after birth

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Ever wonder what happens to a baby right after birth? Watch this video to see the type of care a newborn typically receives in the hospital, from getting the umbilical cord cut to having an Apgar test.

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Newborn care immediately after birth

Dr. La Follette: Deep breath in, she's coming…breathe, breathe…she's coming, she's coming. There she is! Okay?

Niles: Yeah, that was great.

Dr. La Follette: Look at her! Look at her! Look at her!

Niles: Aww, she's beautiful.

First your baby will be dried and placed on your chest for skin-to-skin contact.

Dr. La Follette: Cord is not clamped, cord is not clamped.

Niles: Yeah, let's leave the cord.

An Apgar assessment will be done to evaluate your baby's heart rate, breathing, muscle tone, reflex response, and color.

Dr. La Follette: We're going to cut here, and then she's going to go that way to Jackie, right? Because then she's detached.

Niles: She's so pink.

Dr. La Follette: It's not going to… Yeah, I know, "she's so pink" is right. There she is, now she's yours, okay?

Next your baby will have a more detailed health exam.

Nurse: Hello, hello, little baby. Happy birthday!

A nurse will rub your baby to warm her up and get her blood flowing.

Nurse: You need to have a good cry. Ninety-eight one – her temperature is nice.

Then the nurse will check your baby's vital signs.

Nurse: I'm just going to do a quick set of vitals, check her sugar, and then she can go right back to mom.

Niles: Sure, great.

Nurse: It's a little drop, so just a second. Thank you.

Your baby is returned, and you can begin breastfeeding.

Keep in mind not all procedures are the same, and your experience may differ from what is portrayed in this video.

See this family's live birth in its entirety: Our Site/live-birth-epidural

Video production by MEgTV.

Watch the video: Your New Baby - what happens once your baby arrives Role Play by Midwives (June 2022).


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